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Treat Yourself! Luxe Bath Gift Box

Treat Yourself! Luxe Bath Gift Box

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Tea Flavor

You work hard. You do your best. You could use some rest and relaxation. You (or someone great you that you know!) need the Treat Yourself Gift Box! 

Each Treat Yourself! Vaseless Luxe Bath gift box includes: 

➡️ A specialty faux rose, trimmed to a 7 inch or 4 inch stem to place in your favorite bud or small vase. These beauties can’t be found at your local craft store. 
➡️ gift-ready, convenient, sturdy cardboard mailer box and Kraft brown crinkle paper;

➡️ The Coco Bee’s “Sleepy Bee” with lavender bath soaking salts (4 ounces) (Ingredients: Purple Clay, Dried Florals + Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Chamomile)

➡️ The Coco Bee’s Natural Beeswax Lip Butter Balm (Ingredients from their website: locally sourced organic, single filtered beeswax + organic coconut oil + organic avocado oil + steam distilled pure essential oils.)

➡️ A tea for two from Big Heart Tea Co. in either Edith Grey or Spiced Rose.

➡️ An organza bag containing .2 ounces of Kunzite and an affirmation statement. Keep these affirmation bags in your purse, car, or anywhere you need some encouragement. :-) 

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